Monday, May 30, 2016

Comic strip artistry

One of the things I'm drawn to is comic strips. Not so much comic books. Even as a kid, I couldn't pas up a newspaper without finding and devouring the comics section. I liked some more than others but would read every strip or panel in print. Of course my tastes and interest evolved. I found my self drawn to the strips that told stories, but were bigger than life at least in an artistic way.

What got me thinking was I did a HubPage article, Favorite Comic Strips, giving some of my favorites. I was surfing in HubPages and came across, From Peanuts to Zippy: My Ten Favorite Newspaper Cartoon Strips by Mike Lickteig and read his quite different list. His list ran a little more to more recent popular strips. We shared some favorites like Calvin and Hobbs, and The Far Side (ones I'll probably add to my article.) I realized that my list wasn't really personal favorites list, but more a nostalgic reach back.

Of course, lists like these are not definitive, they're just conversation starters. What's your favorite comic strip?

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